nicolas kaldonski

maître de conférences, amu/imbe

publications scientifiques

Publications dans des revues à comité de lecture

10- Guiller C, Affre L, Deschamps-Cottin M, Geslin B, Kaldonski N, Tatoni T 2017. Impacts of solar energy on butterfly communities in mediterranean agro-ecosystems. Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy: vol. 36 n°6, 1817-1823.

9- Beisel JN, Peltre MC, Kaldonski N, Hermann A, Muller S 2016. Spatiotemporal trends for exeotic species in French freshwater ecosystems: where are we now? Hydrobiologia: 785 (1), 293-305.

8- Lagrue C, Kaldonski N, Motreuil S, Lefèvre T, Blatter O, Giraud P & Bollache L 2011. Interspecific differences in drift behaviour between the native Gammarus pulex and the exotic Gammarus roeseli and possible implications for the invader’s success. Biological Invasion: 13, 1409-1421

7- Kaldonski N, Perrot-Minnot M-J, Dodet R, Martinaud G & Cézilly F 2009. Carotenoid-based colour of acanthocephalan cystacanths plays no role in host manipulation. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: 276, 169-176

6- Kaldonski N, Lagrue C, Motreuil S, Rigaud T & Bollache L 2008. Habitat segregation mediates predation by the benthic fish Cottus gobio on the exotic amphipod species Gammarus roeseli. Naturwissenschaften: 95, 839-844

5- Kaldonski N, Perrot-Minnot M-J, Motreuil S & Cézilly F 2008. Infection with acanthocephalans increases the vulnerability of Gammarus pulex (Crustacea, Amphipoda) to non-host invertebrate predators. Parasitology: 135, 627-632

4- Kaldonski N, Perrot-Minnot M-J & Cézilly F 2007. Differential influence of two acanthocephalan parasites on the antipredator behaviour of their common intermediate host. Animal Behaviour: 74, 1311-1317

3- Lagrue C, Kaldonski N, Perrot-Minnot M-J, Motreuil S & Bollache L 2007. Modification of hosts’ behavior by a parasite: field evidence for adaptive manipulation. Ecology: 88, 2839-2847

2- Perrot-Minnot M-J, Kaldonski N & Cézilly F 2007. Increased susceptibility to predation and altered anti-predator behaviour in an acanthocephalan-infected amphipod. International Journal for Parasitology: 37, 645-651

1- Bollache L, Kaldonski N, Troussard J-P, Lagrue C & Rigaud T 2006. Spines and behaviour as defences against fish predators in an invasive freshwater amphipod. Animal Behaviour: 72, 627-633

Autres publications

Kaldonski N. 2005 Les acanthocéphales parasites de poissons : présentation d’une espèce commune en Bourgogne. Bourgogne Nature 1 : 43-46

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Biology Letters, Evolutionary Ecology, Functional Ecology, Journal of Zoology, Oikos

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